Marquette Clinical Information Center

Marquette Clinical Information Center

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GE Marquette CIC

Pro Clinical Information Center

The CIC Pro Clinical Information Center is the cornerstone of today's modern healthcare environment. It accepts real time data and historical data from multiple monitoring sources and presents it to caregivers in the context to reduce errors and enhance work flow. This Clinical Information Center is a flexible component of your monitoring solution for providing the information that you need and when you need it. Standard software provides one (1) hour of Full Disclosure for all monitored patients. The Clinical Information Center can be configured for up to sixteen (16) patients.

The CIC is based on a standard PC platform and provides centralized monitoring of all patients connected to GE Marquette monitors and telemetry transmitters. It may be configured to display up to four real-time waveforms per patient for up to 16 patients.

Controls include the use of a computer mouse, keyboard and optional touch screen for precise touch control. Optional writers for the purpose of graphing waveforms and printing patient information include a 2" Direct Digital Writer or a laser printer.

The CIC Central Station is intended for use under the direct supervision of a licensed healthcare practitioner. The intended use is to provide clinicians with adult, pediatric, and neonatal patient data in a centralized location within a hospital or clinical environment.

The CIC is intended to collect information from a network and display this data. This data includes physiological, patient demographic and/or other non-medical information.

Physiological parameters and waveforms from GE Marquette monitors and telemetry systems can be displayed and printed from the CIC. Beat to beat patient information for all parameters and waveforms from the bedside and telemetry systems can be displayed.

The CIC supports the ability to access information from GE Marquette products in a web browser format. Additionally, CIC supports the ability to access patient information collected from the Unity network and stored on a network server.