#TechTipTuesday Feb. 2, 2021: Ultrasound TEE Probes

February 1, 2021

By Kaylee McCaffrey, Biomedical Engineering Solutions Sales Specialist



This week, we asked J.T. Bailey, Probe Repair Manager for Avante Health Solutions, for his tips on preventing costly ultrasound probe replacement. Read his tips below:

In regards to TEE probes, it is important to visually inspect before every use and disinfection but make sure to pay close attention to the bending neck rubber (BNR). This is not only from a patient safety perspective but could also be a small step to save thousands in repair or replacement costs.




Huge thanks for J.T. for giving us today’s tips on ultrasound transducers! Want to join the conversation and add your own tips? Be sure to follow me on LinkedIn and comment on today’s #TechTipTuesday post. See you next time!