Operating Room Equipment



  • Room Size:The Facility Guidelines Institute recommends that the minimum inpatient operating room size be no less than 400 square feet. Operating room spaces designed for specialized procedures generally require more staff, and are recommended to be at least 600 square feet.
  • 系统开发:When planning the construction of an operating room, it’s important to think of medical gas, lighting superstructures, utility lines, heating and ventilation systems, and data and communication interfaces as base layers that must be established before work commences.
  • 无菌处理室:设计为与操作套件分开,但可以在两个或更多手术室之间共享。这些空间旨在提供受污染材料,清洁仪器以及仪器和设备灭菌的单向交通方式。
  • 更衣室:2014 FGI Guidelines no longer require staff locker rooms to open directly into the surgical suite. Moving forward, facilities must provide a changing room with lockers, but it may be unisex and can be shared with other departments in the facility.


激进的提供了新的、翻新和使用手术室设备, including surgical lights, monitors, surgical tables, electrosurgical units and anesthesia machines. Avante carries brands from top medical equipment manufacturers, including the following:

  • GEDatex-Ohmeda
  • Drager
  • Steris Amsco
  • Berchtold
  • 百特 /吟游诗人
  • DRE
  • 飞利浦
  • 生理控制
  • 清教徒贝内特
  • Skytron
  • Stryker
  • Maquet
  • Aaron Bovie
  • Valleylab
  • 山坡
  • Welch Allyn
  • Zoll

Operating room equipment is available new or professionally refurbished to original equipment manufacturer specifications by our trained biomedical technicians.